June 22, 2009

For the Buddhist Nuns

I previously participated in Blogathon 2006, 2007, Day of Blogs 2008 (blogger/monitor) and have been able to raise hundreds of dollars for The Tibetan Nuns Project and The Sera Je Food Fund.

This year's charity, part of the Tibetan Nuns Project, is specifically to help Geden Choeling Nunnery.

"Geden Choeling, a Geluk Nunnery located in McLeod Ganj, Upper Dharamsala, is seeking to build more housing. Since 1975, it has absorbed a steady stream of refugee nuns and consequently has been faced with chronic shortage of facilities. It now houses around 150 nuns in its overcrowded rooms.

Plans have been drawn up to renovate some old buildings and build some new ones but the plans have been delayed by a moratorium on new construction in McLeod Ganj. There is an application pending that we hope will be cleared to move ahead soon.

In the meantime, Geden Choeling has focused on developing a strong study program. Before the moratorium went into effect, they were able to build four new classrooms and the nuns are advancing well in their studies.

They are seeking donations for their planned project, so that once permission to build is received, they can immediately start construction."
source for more information

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Thank you so very much!

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