July 26, 2009


another year past

planning to be here next year

be safe and healthy


all my sponsors rock

helped me provide for others

people we don't know


a round of applause

to those who put on event

bloggers, monitors


grateful for what have

when so many have much less

return what I can


a new day dawning

now i have my second wind

friends come for breakfast


a transformation
crawling out of the water
we have common ties

2009 June 23


eyes are so heavy

i will take a long, long nap

as soon as this ends


vast open spaces
invite you in to explore
a simple meaning

2009 June 26


one never knows what
what might just stare back at you
when you least expect

2009 June 29


no stars out tonight

too many storm clouds still here

a very black sky


the house is asleep

humans and cats, but not me

just like any day


spending my evening

watching films I have not seen

is the only time


don't knock on my door

if your only intention

bang on a bible


respect the next self

human or other species

no reason not to


eliminate gas

use the power of the sun

the planet breathes well


the woes of healthcare

what will the USA do

sick is sick, rich, poor


more obligations

other events to post for

language and photos


little glowing butt

illuminating your world

down my window screen


another bather
returned yet again today
even in the rain

2009 July 20