July 26, 2009


another year past

planning to be here next year

be safe and healthy


all my sponsors rock

helped me provide for others

people we don't know


a round of applause

to those who put on event

bloggers, monitors


grateful for what have

when so many have much less

return what I can


a new day dawning

now i have my second wind

friends come for breakfast


a transformation
crawling out of the water
we have common ties

2009 June 23


eyes are so heavy

i will take a long, long nap

as soon as this ends


vast open spaces
invite you in to explore
a simple meaning

2009 June 26


one never knows what
what might just stare back at you
when you least expect

2009 June 29


no stars out tonight

too many storm clouds still here

a very black sky


the house is asleep

humans and cats, but not me

just like any day


spending my evening

watching films I have not seen

is the only time


don't knock on my door

if your only intention

bang on a bible


respect the next self

human or other species

no reason not to


eliminate gas

use the power of the sun

the planet breathes well


the woes of healthcare

what will the USA do

sick is sick, rich, poor


more obligations

other events to post for

language and photos


little glowing butt

illuminating your world

down my window screen


another bather
returned yet again today
even in the rain

2009 July 20

July 25, 2009


the sky now rumbles

the rains return, how much more

saturated land


i just lost power

but it was quickly returned

i might disappear


what now will i eat

my stomach is rumbling

i made some pasta


to have dance with death

appreciative mindset

of the life we have


am a bit cleaner

took a break for a shower

feel more refreshed now


i use this moment

acknowledge a "cheerleader"

thank you to pico


almost half way there

the longest stretch yet to come

day turns into night


some crazy weather

twister few miles away

no majour damage


watching much tv

continuously blogging

iPod alarm set


zucchini slices
broiled in lemon spiced oil
fresh from the garden

2009 July 25


i not work alone
nor do I sit here myself
have to share a chair

2009 July 25


our puggie-wuggie
a bird who does not fit well
small bird feeder perch

2009 July 25


pouring rain on ground

washes and hydrates the garden

can't wait for ripe veggies


yummy vegan-ness

falafel patties for lunch

what now for dinner


i love dinosaurs
prehistoric wonderment
veggiesaurs favourite

2009 July 23


a little girly
the one who can only squeak
with precious white feet

2009 July 24


my biggest baby
seven years old but still kitten
has a twin sister

2009 July 12


storm is rolling in

should expect a lot more rain

hope no loss power


come on Albany

you all have made such a mess

queers want justice too


simple little space
a room with such a great view
here is where i sit

2009 July 25


so much rain filled pond
remaining tadpoles have room
grow legs, hop away

2009 July 24


painted turtles sit
four in a row on a log
startled, slide water

2009 July 08


bright morning, no rain

friends swarm for tasty buffet

where are all the squirrels


mama and babies

teaching where find enough food

papa and babies


little fuzzy one
filling cheeks, seed and cracked corn
full, run home, return

2009 July 19


colourful grazers

competing for prime spaces

one seed, fly away

2009 July 07


i grow fairly tall

the birds like me when I droop

but what could I be


first cup of coffee

what should i eat for breakfast

toast or cereal


seeds blowing in air

sun brightly shining, warming

bird songs fill the air


i thank my sponsors

and to this years blogathon

is worth the effort

July 1, 2009


For this year, new theme,
poem for you, old haiku,
but with a new twist.

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